An Official Selection of FringeNYC 2018 and Capital Fringe 2019

The Story 

In this Romeo and Juliet re-imagining, Tybalt and Mercutio now fill the roles of the starcrossed lovers born to be enemies. Constructed around Shakespeare's original dialogue and expanded upon into a love story of intrigue, scheming, and hope, two beloved characters get new life, as they each grow into individuals hoping to find a companion in a world where their sexuality has no voice or champion. Exploring the battle of defining one's heart, and the ultimate tragedy of the many loves erased from history, Starcrossed is, to its core, the story of what happens when love is stifled.


The Development 

There are love stories missing from our histories. Mankind has wiped away the evidence of the LGBT community throughout time, replacing their stories with lies and misinterpretations, but the truth is love in all its forms has always been there, and it is about time that these stories are told center stage. Using one of William Shakespeare’s most famous works as a basis, Starcrossed explores the concept of the love stories that were happening and erased by the prejudices of times.

A newer but fast-moving work, Starcrossed had its first reading in September 2017. Starcorssed made its World Premiere at FringeNYC 2018. With only three performers, and no substantial set to tell the tale, Starcrossed focuses on the words that build us up, tear us down, and mend our hearts in times of need.